Fun facts about Ryan Kwanten…

Recently posted some fun facts about the very charming and talented Australian actor Ryan Kwanten.

Without further ado here they are:

1. Ryan knows how to get his roleplay on:

Ryan Kwanten is going to appear in 2011’s The Knight of Badassdom, a film which is also set to star Peter Dinklage and Steve Zhan as a group of live-action gaming nerds who accidentally summon ancient evil creatures.

2. His has a incredible body:

It is just me or does every actor that comes out of Australia have a smoking hot body and of course that accent is just to die for. I.E. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Kwanten. Thankfully Ryan is more than happy to shed off the clothes and give us a good long look at said smoking hot body. There are several magazine spreads like NSFW that feature Ryan in a very very low slung towel or nothing at all.

To see some of these delicious pictures check out this link:

3. He is a sex god {Or so he says}:

Ryan Kwanten is one of the few actors who has spoken about this female groupies asking for sperm donations. A little extreme don’t you think? Apparently he may have even sent the lady that asked seven vials of his sperm. Take that piece of information however you want.

4.He comes from illustrious beginnings:

He started his acting career by having a role on a Aussie soap called Home and Away.

5.He takes his word seriously:

He gets insulted when people insinuate that Jason Stackhoudse is nothing more than pretty boy.

His response when one of the interviewers was leaning towards that is:

“Personally, I don’t see it as just using my body. I think there’s a huge array of things at my [disposal.]”

For the full interview complete with video footage of Home & Away check out this link:


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