Congratulations Ryan Kwanten for landing Australia’s GQ Man of the Year!

GQ Australia honored True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten with their Man of the Year award today in a swanky ceremony. The actor has certainly become a favorite with the men’s lifestyle mag empire as of late for his good looks, charms and over-all, well, manliness.

The event was held at the Sydney Opera house today for a select 200 VIP guests. Kwanten walked the red carpet joking that he was still hungover from partying in Chicago over the weekend. His choice for the man of the year? His dad, Eddie.

“He has bestowed on me many good qualities I like to think and he’s such a strong influence in my life,” the actor, who just turned 34, said.Kwanten shares everything with GQ from growing up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, to breaking into Hollywood and his dislike of sleep. Despite his success Kwanten remains down-to-earth and is still excited by living and working in Hollywood – “Every time I drive down Santa Monica Boulevard, every time I see the Hollywood sign, I’ve been here eight years now and I still have that twinkle.”

As part of the honor, Kwanten will be on the cover of next month’s magazine at the start of the new year. Those lucky Australians.


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