Battle of the Fang: Team Eric VS. Team Bill

Well the results are in one of the Battle of the Fang Grudge Match and the winner might not be who you expected…

Bill Compton narrowly beat out everyone’s favorite Viking Eric Northman by only $829. Together, Team Bill and Team Eric through the Battle Of The Fang raised almost $70,000 for charity. Since Bill Compton won the grudge match, Stephen Moyer got to choose the t-shirts himself. Stephen’s chosen shirt reads, “I Like My Bitches Blonde” while Alex’s shirt says, “Bill’s Bitch!” I don’t know about you when but I saw the photos of these two with their shirts on I doubled over laughing. It’s good to see that both of these True Blood hotties have a sense of humor. (Although I did have my money on Alex/Eric to win.)

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard were amazed at the amount of contributions that their fans have donated. Alex, Stephen, Gulf Aid and SOS Children’s Villages all want to thank everyone who participated in The Battle Of The Fang. “The Battle has surpassed all our expectations!”


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