Kristin Bauer van Straten speaks out against Shark Finning.

Not only does Kristin Bauer van Straten portray the unforgettable vampire Pam on True Blood, but this talented actress is also a passionate, vocal and dedicated animal rights activist. Recently published by the Huffington Post, Kristin’s article entitled ‘Congress: Time Is Ticking for Sharks’ not only serves to provide awareness, it also serves as a warning and implores fans and readers alike to help make a difference.

The issue at hand is the amputation of shark fins for use in an Asian dish, shark fin soup. Within weeks the US Senate will be voting on The Shark Conservation Act, a bill to ban shark finning in US waters. While sharks may not have the best image, many feel when it comes to these magnificent animals “humans are the predators and sharks are the prey”. Kristin goes on to say:

“We’re hunting many shark populations to the brink of extinction. The demand for shark fins, which are used to make shark fin soup — a popular dish in Asia — leads to the killing of tens of millions of sharks around the world each year. Sharks aren’t furry or cute, so there just aren’t as many voices to speak for their conservation.”

Kristin asks you to join her and “in asking our Senators to do the right thing for sharks”.

Be sure to read Kristin’s full article here :

Also visit if you’d like to tell your Senators that you demand shark protection and the passage of the Shark Conservation Act!


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