Some teasers about Season 4:

Kristin at E! Online has some pretty minor True Blood season 4 spoilers for us this week, but at least she knows they’re minor.

Monica: How about some True Blood scoop?

Stop the presses! ‘Cause we just caught up with Sam Trammell and he told us everything about what’s going to happen in the new season. Read only if you really want to know: “We’ve been [shooting] for about two weeks. We’ve gotten two scripts and it’s really cool. I’m really psyched about it. My character gets to do some very cool things. And it’s different—some things have happened that have changed things, so I think the viewers will be excited. Alan [Ball] likes to keep everybody on their toes. It’s always fun just getting the scripts and reading them, it’s like…I was going to say crack cocaine but I’ve never had it!” Got all that? This season will be “cool” and “different” and “things have changed” and Sam is not a crackhead in real life. You’ll still watch True Blood even though you know the entire season now, won’t you?

Tony: Anything on True Blood?

Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) mansion has been a shambles ever since Maryann used it as the center of her freaky Dionysian cult (remember the meat sculpture?), but insiders tell me they’re finally repainting the house and repairing all the damage from the keggers held at Maryanne’s behest. Mmmm…sounds like Sookie might be settling back into domestic bliss? Hey, Martha Stewart, how about a guest spot?


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